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Hollow Beginnings – Day 1 Ghana Reflections

Aburi Botanical Gardens

Since I arrived on Sunday, a day ahead of the group, I had the opportunity to sight see. A small group of us traveled to the Aburi Botanical Gardens and then to the TK Bead Industry.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

Edem & Gladys were our very knowledgeable guides. One tree stood out the most, it was the Strangler Ficus Tree, a wood epiphyte had strangled the tree making it hollow on the inside. Literally, it was empty on the inside and it made me wonder, how many of us are walking around “empty” on the inside? How many us have experienced trauma, been hurt by those we were the closest to, lost ourselves loving someone else, or suffer from depression that leaves us feeling like the shell of a person?

Matthew 11:28 says, “Come unto me all that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” The Lord loves us so much that the compassion he has for us causes Him to extend rest that only He can offer to those who’s weakness and weariness are heavy.

As an American Black woman, I thought about the life I work hard to provide myself with as we drove pass the men and women entrepreneurs selling goods along the highway. My spirit was convicted and I said to myself, “Lisha, you should not complain as life could be much harder.”

I’m thankful for the opportunity to travel back to the Motherland, to travel to Ghana during the #YearofReturn. I’m thankful for such a humbling experience that reveals just how real and awesome God really is. I’m ending Day 1 of my Ghana trip with the thought that no matter what life throws at you, no matter how “hollow” you may look or feel, God is a Restorer, Provider, and Healer. Only in Him will you experience perfect peace.

I may have traveled to Ghana to celebrate the #YearofReturn, but how many of us need to return to the compassionate arms of God?