Love and Loyalty

People will drain you with no intentions of filling you back up…don’t let them.

The last relationship I had nearly broke me and left me with no desire to fall in love anytime soon.  It really made me question myself and God.  Like, God, “how could you allow me to experience this magnitude of pain?”  While looking in the mirror one morning, I realized why….Adjust Your Crown.  Adjust your crown is written on every mirror in my house.  Not only is it the title of my book debuting in the fall of 2018, but its the purpose of my pain, that fuels my passion to empower young girls and women.

Three things will last forever – faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these is love. – 1 Corinthians 13:13

I love to love.  I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces after you’ve made them feel loved.  I love the confidence my mentees gain once I’ve poured love into them.  I love family.  I love God above all.  Being made in his image that is what I was created to do…love…and be loved.

Toxic relationships and friendships have a way of draining you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Because not only do I love hard, but I’m loyal.  I will move heaven and earth for my mentees.  I won’t sleep in order to make sure my family and friends are good.  I will sacrifice for love.  When you are loyal; you support, devote and commit.  My 32 years have taught me that not everyone deserves your loyalty.  God commands us to love in John 13:34, “A new command I give you, love each other as I have loved you.”  But loyalty….that’s sacred.  The caveat to being loyal is not to let it become a weakness.

There use to be a time in my life where even after a relationship ended I was loyal.  Exes  would call me for love, support, advice, prayer or whatever they equated to love; because, they knew I was loyal.  My so-called friends would ask me to support their endeavors but, didn’t support my philanthropic or political endeavors but..I’m loyal.

Life has taught me that if a person isn’t just as committed and invested into you as you are to them, then the only person you have to be loyal to is yourself.  How do you balance it all?  You love, because love conquers all but, you reserve your loyalty for people who are willing to reciprocated that loyalty.  Love and loyalty go hand in hand.

Beautiful Thought:

Do your relationships/friendships have balance?  Do love and loyalty permeate throughout your relationships/friendships?