Wakanda Forever

The black star power in Black Panther is a sight to see, they are truly the “hopes and dreams of our ancestors,” but it’s the women in the movie who shine bright.  The black women of Wakandan descent are unarguably Black Girl Magic in its purest form of ambition, independence strength, courage, brilliance, inventive, resourcefulness, and ethical determination.

Can we snap it up for this movie not only portraying Black women as the magical creatures we are, but serving as a reminder to little girls that you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.  Whether you want to be a real life spy, scientist, inventor or army general you can do it because you are a real life Queen.

This post should be a whole lot longer but, the truth of the matter is…Black Panther is AMAZING! No amount of words can express how proud I am or the level of support I pray that not just the black community but everyone shows this beautiful piece of work. #WakandaForever